Data Analytics

Data Analytics is a very popular, mainstream technique for Data collection, organization, integration, storage and visualization of the data patterns through interactive, intuitive dashboards. Createch is a leader in providing cutting-edge Data/Analytics solutions to businesses of all sizes unleashing the power of data in an enterprise and leveraging industry-leading platforms like:

  • AWS platforms/Tools: Glue, Redshift, S3, RDS, DynamoDB
  • PowerBI for Business Intelligence & Dashboards
  • SaaS solutions: Talend & Zapier

Business insights are in indispensible factor for any business to know:

  • How the business is doing (Descriptive)
  • Drivers for Business today (Diagnostic)
  • Business forecast for future (Predictive)
  • What should be done to reach goals (Prescriptive)

It is critically important for every business to have the powerful data-driven Business insights and our experienced team will help you every step of the way from Descriptive all the way to Predictive and prescriptive modeling.

Our Data Analytics pros are also engaged in giving professional presentations in various locations and online related to Data analytics. Please check out our Blog section for materials, recordings & more!